Dinternal-Books is now Dinternal Education

For nearly 20 years we have been Ukraine’s leading provider of quality English learning resources.  As Dinternal Books, we’ve helped generations of teachers to teach and students to learn.

We understand the world is changing.  Education today is different, with new challenges and opportunities for us all.  The changes are driven by the expectations not just of students and employers but also by the rapid advances in technology and its application in and out of class.

Dinternal have always been at the forefront of change.  Now more than ever.

That’s why Dinternal-Books is now Dinternal Education.  Today, we offer more than books.  We deliver complete educational solutions expertly tailored to your individual needs. 


We are changing for you and together with you. 


Dinternal Education

Together We Do More


Founder and managing director 

Sean Patrick Harty